Top Tips for Selling Your House

First Impressions Count – the Exterior
• Do as much as you can to ensure that the outside of your property looks clean and tidy
• Take bins away, tidy up communal areas and if you have a garden, your lawn should be freshly cut and cleared of loose leaves and grass cuttings
• Remember that your front door may start to colour a potential buyer’s initial impression before it is even opened!

• Even if arranged neatly, it will make your home not only appear smaller and messier, but can distract your prospective buyers so they do not notice the positive qualities of your property
• The most effective action of all is to clear clutter away
• To make some space, move unnecessary furniture into the loft or garage – better still remove it from the property altogether
• Self storage units can be an invaluable tool for the house mover.  They are inexpensive, convenient and can offer storage solutions for the short term.
• If your cupboards are jammed full, your potential buyer’s lasting impression of your property may be ‘lack of storage space’

Freshen Up
• A fresh coat of neutral paint or new tiling can do wonders to smarten a tired looking property
•  Putting in matching chrome fittings
• Clean ironed bed linen
•  Brightening the rooms with lighting
• Placed fresh flowers throughout a home
• A little time and effort preparing your home can make all the difference

Kitchens and Bathrooms
• These are one of the biggest selling points when marketing a property – always ensure they are tidy, sparkling clean and smelling fresh

• Some people love them, some people hate them and some people are allergic to them.  So make sure that on your viewing, your beloved pet is out of the house to prevent one of the following 3 things happening:

1. Pet lovers will pay more attention to your pet and less attention to your home
2. Non pet lovers will feel uncomfortable, completely on their guard, rush around your property leaving as soon as they can
3. If you have a potential buyer who is allergic to animals, a reaction will put them off your home

• Ideally remove all pet bowls, baskets and most important of all litter trays

• Odours can work against you if they are of the wrong kind
• Ensure your property is smelling clean and fresh and pet odours are kept to a minimum

Define Each Room
• It is essential that each room if shown off to highlight its purpose
• Should your dining room be full of work papers or exercise equipment for example, return it to its original purpose
• It is also important to de-personalise.  For example taking down posters and excessive personal effects

Get the Word Out
• Always have a ‘For Sale’ board – it is your 24 hour salesperson
• Tell your neighbours – word of mouth is a powerful tool – you never know who may be waiting for your house to come on the market

Be Realistic and Honest with Yourself
• You stand a much better chance of selling your property if you have acknowledged any problems and reflect them in your asking price
• Up front honesty about your property from the first negotiations with a buyer will mean that they will have less reason to reduce their offer price or change their mind should something come to light at a later date.

Showing Your Property
• When showing your property, you should decide beforehand in which order you will show the rooms and guide viewers around the property once
• Show either your best rooms first or last
• Do not overload them with details
• Be business like during your first viewing.  You can always get to know them better should they have a second viewing
• Do not point out problems but feel free to highlight the odd positive point, like a south-facing garden
• Finally invite viewers to take a second look around by themselves should the property be of interest to them but stay close by in order to answer any questions

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